If you are a person who believes that you can be better, are in a process of transformation or searching for change, or you want to focus on achieving your dreams and be your best self continuously, then these workshops are for you.

At the end of each workshop you’ll have lived an extraordinary experience, you’ll have clarity of your purpose and life values, and the behaviors that represent them. You’ll be empowered with your strengths, know the elements that shape well-being and how to turn them into habits that you can integrate into your life immediately. You ́ will design an action plan with clear indicators that will allow you to reach your goals and dreams. Additionally you’ll have traveled a path of personal development that will give you a refreshing and positive perspective on your life.

Ask us how to start, we can help you.

It consists of experiential workshops of 1 or 2 days (2 to 16 hours). The goal is to provide participants with simple and powerful tools they can integrate into their daily lives immediately, thereby multiplying their happiness and well-being.


During these workshops the participants will:

● Learn to define their higher purpose, their life values ​​and the behaviors that represent them.
● Acquire simple and practical tools to develop their strengths, and in turn foster their self motivation.
● Use positive psychology techniques to integrate happiness habits that generate a positive impact on their immediate happiness and well-being.
● Begin to design strategies and action plans that allow them to integrate the lessons learned to achieve their dreams and personal goals.


Our Workshops

Purpose and values workshop

Strenghts workshop

Positive emotions workshop

Positive relationship workshop