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Workshops for Companies

If you are a company’s owner, manager or HR Director and are looking for a creative and different way to bring your ideas to life to boost business growth, engage workers and develop them, these workshops are for you.

Developing positive cultures that promote organizational well-being and enhance workeŕs’ strengths are associated with the following benefits:

  • Increased productivity, creativity, profitability, company value and growth rate.
  • Promotes team integration and becomes a tool to retain talent.
  • Facilitates decision-making in challenging or doubtful moments.

At the end of each workshop the participants will have lived an extraordinary experience, they will have clarity of the company’s purpose, values ​​and behaviors that represent them; they will be empowered with the strengths of their character; they will know the elements that make up well-being and how to turn them into habits that they can integrate into their life. The participants will also design a strategic action plan with clear indicators and will learn how to empower legendary leaders and teams; and design powerful customer experiences.

It consists of experiential workshops for 1 or 2 days (2 to 16 hours). The objective is to provide participants with simple and powerful tools that they can integrate immediately into their day-to-day to develop leadership, promote integration and develop key competencies to increase their well-being and boost their productivity; they will learn from success stories backed by the science of happiness and turn theory into common practice.

During these workshops the participants will:

● Learn to define their higher purpose, their life values ​​and the behaviors that represent them.
● Acquire simple and practical tools to enhance their strengths and positive characteristics that enhance the motivation of leaders and their teams.
● Use positive psychology techniques to integrate habits of happiness into work that promote positive cultures and generate positive impact on people and organizations.
● Begin to design strategies and action plans that empower legendary leaders and teams.


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Appreciative Leadership

Motivated Teams