¡Calibrate your culture and plan for the future!

Diagnosis and Action Plan Workshop

¡Calibrate your culture and plan for the future!

Diagnosis and Action Plan Workshop


■ The strong and positive aspects already found within your people and organization will be identified to be used as a starting point to design strategies and multiply happiness in the company.
■ Through surveys, interviews and focus groups we will create an x-ray to identify the organization’s challenges and areas of opportunity facing the culture of the company.
At the end, appreciative dialogues and powerful Q&A sessions will be encouraged to identify the unexplored potential of the organization.
■ A strategic action plan will be designed, focused on the strengths of the organization to promote a culture of well-being that can help to increase productivity and sustainable growth.

Face to face.

8 hours (depending on number of participants)

  • It consists of interactive conferences with the objective of identifying strengths, challenges and areas of opportunity related to your company’s talent and culture.

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    Why calibrate your culture and plan for the future with Wakku?

    If you are an organization’s owner, manager or HR Director that cares about people’s well-being, increasing productivity and detecting the development needs of your workers, this tool is for you.

    Identifying and enhancing the key elements of the organizational culture is related to the following benefits:

    • Increasing productivity
    • Increasing commitment and motivation
    • Increasing customer satisfaction
    • Reducing employee turnover
    • Reducing work absenteeism
    • Reducing accidents at work

    At the end of these sessions you will have a broader vision about the diagnosis of the culture of your organization and have identified the organization’s weaknesses and strengths. You will also have designed a personalized strategic plan focused on meeting the needs of your workers through a culture that drives the company’s growth through a productivity increase.