Experiences that change lives

Teambuilding activities


■ Increases team integration and communication.

■ Stimulates confidence and enhance the spirit of teamwork.

■ Increases people’s self-knowledge about their strengths and areas of opportunity.

■ Improves work environment and creativity in situations where pressure, change or conflicts may arise.

■ Allows an analysis of possible corrections and improvements that can be carried out within the organization.

■ Boosts leadership and the ability to delegate responsibilities.

■ Increases stress resistance.

Face to face.

8 hours (depending the number of people)

  • It consists of 8-hour sessions where participants, through the methodology of experiential education, will experience a day full of fun and hard work. During this meeting the participants will face challenges that will take them out of their comfort zone, experience feelings and emotions that they must convert into learning that they can transfer to their working life.

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