It consists of reflective and creative support sessions that will inspire you to maximize your personal and professional potential. The objective is to transform everything that creates insecurity into strengths that will enable you to use your full potential in a focused way to achieve your goals and dreams.

  • At the end the participant will identify the goals she/he wants to achieve and build a strategy to achieve them.
  • Through active listening, the coach will ask powerful questions that will allow the participant to identify their limiting and empowering beliefs, let go of any resistance that holds them back, and maximize their potential.
  • The participant will gain awareness of the elements that are really important in her/his life, define achievable and realistic goals aligned with her/his true motivations.


Why do coaching with Wakku?

If you are a person who wants to improve the quality of your life, start new projects, explore your full potential, discover your best self, transform your fears into strengths, and acquire practical and simple tools that you can apply on a daily basis, this is a workshop for you. In Wakku we help you discover the positive things you already have to manage change from that perspective.


It has been shown that Coaching:

  • Helps to define clear and realistic goals.
  • Helps to discover true motivations.
  • Increases creativity by contemplating multiple alternatives.
  • Empowers participants with their desired future, the steps to achieve it and their responsibility to make it happen.
  • Boosts positive changes in people.

At the end of the sessions, you will be clear about what you want and value, develop the ability to visualize the best scenario in any situation, focus on the solution instead of the problem, connect with your dreams and desires, and acquire the tools to enhance a positive inner dialogue. You will have expanded your consciousness and have a clearer vision of the path you want to travel and the way you want to reach your goals. On this journey you will be accompanied by one of our coaches, but there will be parts of the journey that you will have to travel alone. After reaching your destination you will be renewed and empowered with super powers that you have cultivated during your life but you had no access to.

In Wakku we would love to be able to accompany you to rediscover your way of thinking, feeling and acting, to enhance your happiness and well-being. Call us, we are passionate about helping you connect with your best self.