Creciendo desde las fortalezas

Increase your
happiness from your strengths

What if you take advantage of this situation to learn about your strengths and how to use them to enhance your life project?

What if you take action to improve the way you manage your team (partner, family, coworkers) to keep them motivated, happy, committed and eager to get ahead with positive energy?

We have designed a Bootcamp – completely online – so that you can take advantage of this time to think, plan and redesign the way of managing your strengths.

Today more than ever it is obvious how important and valuable it is to be empowered with our talents and strengths to manage change and increase our happiness.

What you´ll learn:

■ What your strengths are.

■ The positive and negative side of your strengths.

■ How to consciously use your strengths to achieve your
personal and professional goals.

■ How to develop an innate talent into a strength.

■The strategic management of your team (coworkers,
employees, partner, family) based on strengths.

■ Self-motivation and happiness based on your strengths.

■ Everything you need to know to manage change from your

Bootcamp Fortalezas Nivel 1

The Strengths Bootcamp includes:

  • Welcome and connection session that will take place live on Zoom to get to know each other and align expectations in relation to the Bootcamp and its scope.

  • 6 pre-recorded sessions that will allow you to connect with models of Positive Psychology to acquire knowledge and tools that allow you to deepen the experience of self-knowledge.

  • Weekly exercises to deepen the knowledge shared during the sessions, and integrate the practices that allow you to grow in your transformation process.

  • Whatsapp group for strengths to exchange experiences, achievements and failures, share insights, question lights and shadows, expand our awareness and the scope of our strengths.

  • Access to the networking community to connect with the rest of the participants, clarify logistical doubts and share comments and reflections on the experience.

  • Anonymous and unlimited questions mailbox to clarify EVERY and every one of the doubts that arise during the experience in relation to the theory and practice of the sessions.

  • Live meeting by Zoom to network, connect with people who share your same strengths, expand your repertoire of patterns in light and shadow, to exchange experiences and apply our minds.

  • E-learning platform to access the experience from anywhere in the world, at any time and from any device. Just one click away.

  • Live closing Zoom meeting to integrate concepts, recognize the path traveled and experience the Wakku effect first hand.



  • Live Zoom Meeting: Monday 17/06/24
  • Session 1: Monday 17/06/24
  • Session 2: Monday 24/06/24
  • Session 3: Monday 01/07/24
  • Session 4: Monday 08/07/24
  • Live Zoom Meeting: Thursday 11/07/24
  • Session 5: Monday 15/07/24
  • Session 6: Monday 22/07/24
  • Closing Live Zoom Meeting: Thursday 25/07/24


18:00 hours Spain

Note: if the schedule doesn’t suit you, don’t worry. You can view the recorded sessions up to 24 hours after the live session.

How can we help you?

If you have any questions or need technical help, you can write to Shadia at +34 632052567 or and she will gladly assist you.

Don’t wait any longer to work on yourself and discover your full potential.

Discover everything that makes you unique and special and stop seeing everything that you have to change, improve, repair or what you would like to be different. Honor your talents and discover how to integrate your lights and shadows.

If you have any questions or need technical help, you can write to Ornella at +34 623982974 or and she will gladly assist you.



Isabela Alfonzo

This bootcamp has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. 3 weeks to connect and discover what defines me and what makes me unique, to reaffirm what I’m good at, and gives me satisfaction, understanding my 5 dominant talents and defining a SMART goal with the correct action plan to achieve it using my strengths. Amazing!!!!!

Raul Vallenilla

This bootcamp is a great opportunity to begin to understand how to manage our talents to turn them into strengths. Strengths that can help us change and improve the aspects of our life that do not make us happy. From work achievements to interpersonal relationships, it all starts from understanding my talents, and not only their light, but also their shadows. It was also a plus to get to know 30+ people who are looking for the same kind of things. And the opportunity to work with Eugenia and Andy who are determined that we all be, at least, a little happier.

Osmary Rivas

I believe that this content and what they do AT Wakku must reach every human being on earth. Not only because it makes us understand each other, value each other, respect each other, not judge ourselves so harshly, BUT ALSO BECAUSE it makes us happier individually and THAT CAN BE TRANSFORMED INTO collective happiness. Knowing that my personality has a psychological basis surprised me. I didn’t expect those to be my strengths because I didn’t consider them strengths. I thought they were just characteristics of my personality and that too was a great discovery. Today I see everything clearer. And the most important thing is that they reinforced in me what makes me special. THANK YOU!!!

Valentina Jimenez

This bootcamp has given me the tools I needed to get to know myself, to name what makes me unique and above all to remember who I am. It has been a great adventure full of mixed emotions and feelings. Without a doubt this bootcamp is invaluable and I think everyone should do it. I can only thank you for carrying out this project and making people happy. In this world so complex and crazy, in which we go a thousand revolutions, we forget the most important, ourselves.